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judy johnson




  In Honor of Those You Serve: An Abstract Study

The inspiration for this quilt was a photo taken at a Veterans’ Day parade last year. The photo featured a mounted posse bearing American flags. Rather than try to make a “quilt copy” the photo, Judy attempted to capture its essence in abstract form. She used the iconic colors of the occasion: the red, white, and blue of the flags; the tan and brown of the horses; and the denim-blue of the riders’ shirts. The blocks were pieced in a primitive form of patchwork and arrayed to somewhat resemble the unfurling of flags. A shade of military khaki forms a background for the flag work – hopefully, a fitting tribute for all who serve.

Machine pieced and quilted by Judy Johnson

Class: Make Mine Scrambled: A Unique Approach to Abstract Design (2 to 3 day class )


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